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About Us

Founded in 2013, ALFA Chicago is a premier construction and real estate development firm. Our firm offers a variety of services across the industry, specializing in rehabilitation and new construction of multi-family housing in the City of Chicago. For years, we have handled all steps of the development process for our clients and our own projects, including financing, design, zoning, construction, and marketing.

ALFA Chicago also works extensively in the public construction sector. Our firm has successfully completed several projects as prime and sub-contractor for federal, county, and municipal construction projects all over the Chicagoland area.



  • City of Chicago Minority Business Enterprise

  • Illinois Central Management System Minority Business Enterprise

  • HUD Section 3 Certified Business Concern


  • City of Chicago Public Building Commission

  • Chicago Public Schools

  • Chicago Housing Authority

  • Housing Authority of Cook County

  • Equalis Cooperative Purchasing Agreement for Government Organizations

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